Holidays in Krakow

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Holidays in Krakow

Discover the Magic of Krakow with Our Aparthotel!

Krakow is a city that captivates with its history, culture, and unique atmosphere. Spending your holidays in Krakow, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a thousand-year history, admire wonderful architecture, and enjoy a rich cultural offer. Our Aparthotel is the perfect place to start this unforgettable adventure.


Why Choose Krakow for Your Holidays?


1. Monuments and History

Krakow is full of magnificent monuments that will take you back in time. Visit the majestic Royal Castle on Wawel Hill, stroll through the picturesque Main Market Square, see the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Basilica. Don't forget to visit the Jewish district of Kazimierz, which bears witness to the city's rich history.

2. Culture and Art

Krakow is a city of artists and creators. You will find numerous art galleries, theaters, and museums here. It is worth visiting the National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, and participating in the many festivals that take place throughout the year.

3. Gastronomy

Krakow is a paradise for food lovers! From traditional Polish dishes to cuisines from different parts of the world. Try pierogi, oscypek, żurek, and exceptional desserts. In the nearby cafes and restaurants, everyone will find something for themselves.

4. Nature and Recreation

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Krakow offers many green spaces. Take a walk through Planty Park, visit the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University, or take a trip to the nearby Krakow Valleys Landscape Park.


Summer Events in Krakow

Krakow is lively all year round, but in summer the city offers unique events that attract tourists from all over the world.

  • Jewish Culture Festival – one of the most important Jewish culture festivals in the world, held in Kazimierz. It is a unique opportunity to participate in concerts, workshops, and meetings with artists.

  • Wianki - Music Festival – an annual event held by the Vistula River, gathering thousands of people for concerts, fireworks displays, and other attractions. It is an excellent way to spend a June night.

  • Film Music Festival – a unique festival where you can listen to live music from the greatest film hits performed by symphony orchestras. It is a treat not only for film music lovers.

  • Summer Theater Festivals – various theatrical performances held outdoors, often in the Main Market Square, attracting theater lovers from around the world.

  • Sacrum Profanum – a festival of contemporary music that combines different genres and musical styles, presenting them in unique spaces of Krakow.



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